Kuwait approves the return of Expatriates teachers who are stuck abroad

Kuwait City, May 3: According to Al-Qabas local Arabic media that the Supreme Committee for Corona Emergencies in the Council of Ministers has approved the request of the Minister of Education, Dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf for the return of all non-Kuwaiti teachers stranded in their country to Kuwait.

Official sources confirmed that the Council of Ministers officially addressed the education yesterday, Sunday, to approve the return of breeders of generations, indicating that the ministry will work during the next few days to take the necessary measures for the return of stranded people and to discuss a mechanism to renew the residency of teachers that ended while they were outside the country because they were unable to enter due to the Corona crisis and the closure of the airport.

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She mentioned that the coming days will witness coordination between the Ministry of Education and the Interior to facilitate the procedures for their entry into the country.


Adil Khan

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