Kuwait and Iran sign a memorandum of cooperation to reduce sand and dust storms

Kuwait News, July 5: Today, Tuesday, the Kuwait Environment Public Authority and the Iranian Environmental Preservation Organization signed a memorandum of cooperation in the field of sand and dust storms and their reduction and the establishment of studies that contribute to stopping the encroachment of dust storms and appropriate solutions for them.

In a press statement following the signing, Sheikh Abdullah Ahmad Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah, Chairman of the Board and Director-General of the Environment Public Authority, said that the memorandum aims to find hotbeds of dust and dust storms to control them and take the necessary measures to reduce them.

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Sabah explained that dust storms come from far away and negatively affect the people of the region, pointing to the importance of finding appropriate solutions to reduce them by working to increase green spaces in cooperation with the competent and concerned authorities to reduce dust storms.


He stated that Kuwait seeks to establish purposeful environmental projects and conduct joint studies and research with the countries of the region, in addition to exchanging experiences and benefiting from the experiences of others in this field and the extent to which they can be transferred and applied within the country to reduce dust storms to reach a better healthy environment.

For his part, Assistant to the President of the Republic and Head of the Iranian Environmental Preservation Organization, Ali Salajeh, said in a similar statement that the memorandum includes various areas of environmental cooperation and focuses on the phenomenon of combating dust, sand and dust storms, as it has become a recurring phenomenon in recent years, which poses a lot of environmental and health damage to peoples and countries. [Read Also: Father kills his two daughters with a stick, a heinous crime in Jordan]

He has conducted an extensive research program that includes regional maps showing the sources of dust storms, indicating his country’s full readiness to present them to Kuwait and extending a hand of joint cooperation between the two sides to combat this phenomenon.


He pointed out the importance of mobilizing national and international efforts and energies to address this phenomenon and face its challenges, as the environmental issue is an issue that transcends borders and is not related to a specific country.

Salajeh stated that Iran has prepared for a regional conference to be launched next Tuesday in the capital, Tehran, in order to prepare for the elimination of this negative phenomenon, and it includes 15 environmental ministers from the countries of the region.

He stressed the importance of the role of the Regional Organization for the Marine Environment in Kuwait in monitoring marine pollutants and the transit of dozens of oil ships in the Arabian Gulf and the pollution they cause in the waters, pointing out that international environmental cooperation ensures achieving more rapprochement between peoples.


Adil Khan

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