Government recommendation to rehabilitate Mubarakiya shops

Kuwait City, April 7: A meeting that included a number of government agencies resulted in 3 recommendations that will be submitted to the Council of Ministers related to the shops of Souk Al Mubarakiya affected by the fire, while the Director General of the “Municipality,” Ahmed Al-Manfouhi, confirmed to Al-Qabas that the fire did not affect the heritage buildings in Mubarakiya.

The Deputy Director-General for Projects Sector Affairs at the Municipality, Ms. Nadia Al-Shraideh, revealed that the recommendations to be submitted are as follows:

1 – Forming a working group under the umbrella of the “Municipality” or the Ministry of Finance, with the participation of all concerned parties from: “The Municipality – the Ministry of Finance – the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters” to follow up on the matter until its completion.


2 – Assigning the National Council to rehabilitate and restore the shops and provide a budget for that, until the shops are handed over to their owners. [Read Also: Kuwait Banned Vijay’s Beast Movie before it’s release]

3 – Approval of the vision presented by the Ministry of Finance to fully develop the area affected by the fire in Mubarakiya.


Adil Khan

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