Designing Kuwait Railways (1)
Designing Kuwait Railways (1)

Kuwait City: According to reliable sources that the work on the designs for the Gulf railway track will be launched on December 2 and will extend to August 2, 2023, ie for a period of 20 months.

In addition, the date of next June 1 until December 2 was set as an estimated date for the phase of choosing the consultant.

The project is designed to be the offering and awarding phase on December 4, 2023, and extends to September 4, 2024.


A government report – al-Qabas local Arabic news has received a copy of it – says that the construction phase of foreign investment will begin in the first quarter of 2025, accelerating the issuance of decisions from the Municipal Council on the elimination of all private conflicts in government agencies that have landed in that conflict with the project, if there are unforeseen obstacles to the project implementation schedule. Emphasizing the importance of, implementing the principle of reduction or assignment of the site, instead of providing an alternative to the victim.

The government report indicated that designing Kuwait Railways and the implementation of the Gulf Track’s phase of the Cooperation Council’s Agreement would be a priority, with other tracks to be launched later, highlighting the implementation of the project, which could be in partnership with or between the public and private sectors, whether local or foreign.

According to the same report, railway tracks begin in the south of the country, especially along the borders of Saudi Arabia.


In the first phase of the project, 4 stations will start from the Nuwaisib area and end in the Al Farwaniya Governorate. It has a total length of 111 “storage, loading, passenger, and handling” stations. Kilometers and with an estimated cost of 603 million dinars.

In the same context of designing Kuwait Railways, in the light of the 9th Ministerial Resolution of 2020 on setting up a committee to follow and implement the railway line project in the country, the Committee has carried out its work with the objective of gathering all the information related to the project and from the announcement of the feasibility of the project delay and the possibility of its implementation Reviewing designs and reference terms.

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She explained that the committee had recommended the importance of preserving the existing railway road and tracks as per the Third Plan for Kuwait without making any changes to avoid wasting public money.

The National Railway Project has a comprehensive network connecting the northern and southern parts of the country, with three tracks with a total length of 565 square kilometers.

And freight and cargo transport operations, with handling stations. Compensation to 13 Farm Owners A spokesman for the State Properties Administration of the Ministry of Finance said that the evaluation and compensation of the owners of 13 agricultural holdings obstructing the railway line have been completed.


Post-Operating Subscription Public-Private Partnership Authority spokesperson stressed that it will not be possible to subscribe before the project is completed. If the citizens’ subscription process takes place after the railway project is fully operational.

The committee responsible for studying the railway file, before or during the implementation of the project, for its initial financing, recommended the importance of financial and financial feasibility to approve the submission of the subscription, thereby reducing the burden on the public money.

The Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport has clarified that the number of government agencies obstructing the railway project is 18, indicating the major conflicts that require the availability of specialized global advisor to initiate the project for partnership between the public and private sectors.


A representative of the Kuwaiti Municipality emphasized the importance of preserving the existing tracks under the Third Plan without making any changes so that the existing tracks do not waste public money, the International Engineering Consultant should provide a detailed and design study of the tracks.

3 Railway Tracks : Designing Kuwait Railways Project

The Follow-up and Implementation Committee concluded that the railway project was divided into three tracks:


1 – Gulf Track for Gulf Link.

2 – Trade line connecting Mubarak Al-Kabir port.

3 – The economic route connecting the northern region and the new economic zones.


The first phase of the project is the length of the track 111 km.

Number of Stations: 4 Stations Handling, storage, loading, and transport of passengers and goods.

Char Location of the track on the company chart: Installed.


Estimated cost: 603 million dinars.

Implementation Period: 77 months.

Implementation Policy: Public-Private Partnership


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