Finance Ministry has suspended the appointments of Kuwaitis

Kuwait City, April 21: The Ministry of Finance has suspended the appointments of new Kuwaitis in the government sector, until the adoption of the draft budget 2022-2023, or the issuance of a law linking the budget.

Al-Qabas sources informed that the “Finance” issued a circular regarding the regulation of exchange until the issuance of the law linking the budgets of ministries and government departments and laws linking the budgets of attached bodies and independent institutions for the fiscal year 2022-2023.

The circular stipulated that new jobs would not be filled until the budget was approved, meaning stopping the nominations of new employees in the government sector. [Read Also: Qatar Emiri decision to increase pensioners pensions]



The sources expected that the suspension would continue until next July or August, until the issuance of the budget linking law, which will pile up waiting queues at the Civil Service Bureau as a result of the Ministry of Finance’s procedures, noting that the appointments of national cadres in the government sector were made on a daily basis through the authorities’ announcement of their needs from The new employees, and then the immediate nomination from the Civil Service Commission, but the recent financial circular stopped the appointments.

The sources asked about the measure that the Ministry of Finance would take in the event that the National Assembly did not approve the budgets of government agencies that include new grades for appointments, adding that the finance should also specify the number of months according to which the financial appropriations were estimated for the new grades of appointment, whether they were estimated for 12 completed months or Less than that and the number of months for which the estimate was made.

Frequent warnings about budget preparation circulars

Responsible sources had previously warned of the Ministry of Finance’s measures in budget preparation circulars, foremost of which is the cancellation of the supplementary appropriation for job grades in government agencies in the draft budget 2022-2023, as it leads to the accumulation of Kuwaitis waiting for a job in the government sector, as the Ministry of Finance has previously obligated the authorities The government is satisfied with the commitment to the number of new job grades that the authorities include in their budget projects without increasing them, and requesting an increase in these grades during the fiscal year, which will result in an increase in the number of government job seekers in the Civil Service Bureau.

Adil Khan

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