Exemption from working hours due to “Corona” does not prevent “excellent”

Some government agencies have begun to evaluate their employees for the current fiscal year, according to the usual annual procedures in this regard.

This annual evaluation is used to calculate the extent of entitlement to excellent business rewards, as well as the system of promotions and others.

Senior sources explained to Al-Qabas that the employees ’evaluation will not be affected by the ban period.


Because of the Corona crisis and the accompanying interruption from work in some government agencies, or exemptions from working hours according to the epidemiological situation, noting that there is no prejudice to the rights of employees in the evaluation, whether they are on the job or have an exemption from work in accordance with the decisions of the Civil Service Bureau for the stages of return Gradual to action.

She indicated that the Bureau has specified in its guidebook for the return of employees that the days of exemption from working hours are considered actual work days in the event of calculating the actual period of practice for entitlement to excellent work rewards, or for the employees’ actual evaluation of work performance, or years of experience.

The sources clarified that if the entity disburses excellent business rewards to its employees, the cases of exemption from work will not result in any deprivation of these remuneration, as they count actual work days, and then in the event that the employee fulfills the conditions for entitlement to the bonus from the period of actual work and the degree of performance evaluation.


There is no objection to obtaining it, bearing in mind that the employees must achieve the evaluation of the work performance required to deserve the excellent work reward, indicating that the evaluation is due to the work center, stressing that the disbursement of these bonuses is also linked to the availability of the budget in the same entity for this purpose.

Source Al-Qabas1



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