“Education for All Symposium”: Depriving the Bidoon of education is a setback in our humanity

“Education for All Symposium”: Depriving the Bidoon of education is a setback in our humanity

Jawhar: Leaving 30,000 children on the streets without education will turn them into ticking bombs

Professor of Political Science at Kuwait University Dr. Ghanem Al-Najjar said that the setback that occurred in our humanity is the reason for discrimination against the Bedoons in the issue of education, and this is the most dangerous type of discrimination in any society.


At the symposium on education is a fundamental right for all, which was held by the Women’s Cultural Association this evening, with the participation of some academics, Al-Najjar indicated that there are about 27 thousand non-governmental organizations in the world concerned with the educational issue, and this is evidence of the importance of education in building countries and upgrading societies, stressing the need for education to be based on justice. And equality and non-discrimination, explaining that «in Kuwait, the largest discrimination in this file is practiced against the Bidoon group».

  Minister of Information and Culture, Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Chairman of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi

For his part, Representative Dr. Hassan Jawhar described the Women’s Association as courageous in adopting humanitarian and societal issues in light of the absence and atrophy of many civil society institutions, despite the threats and pressures exerted on them, considering that there are complex psychiatric patients who try from time to time to create crises against this group to distract the street in oblivion. His due cases, including the recent decision of the Ministry of Justice regarding Bedoon marriage, which is a fabricated matter to stifle major files and major entitlements.

Jawhar stressed that the segment that stands in the way of the citizen’s right to housing and in all his due matters is the same group that stands in the face of the rights of the Bedoons by creating problems for them to confuse the political arena and stir up sectarian and tribalism among members of society, and the weakest link here is the Bedoon.


Jawhar asked, “When we leave an army of about 30,000 children in the streets without education, they will turn into time bombs, and their repercussions will be on the entire Kuwaiti society, indicating, ‘Has the government put itself in the position of innocent people?”

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