Dr. Aisha John holds a Certificate in “Health Care Quality and Management”

The American Council of Physicians for Quality Assurance awarded Dr. Aisha John with a certified certificate in the field of health care quality and management, as Dr. John successfully passed the certificate examination in the field of health care quality and management (HCQM), on the 22nd of last September in the State of Kuwait.

Dr. John became a fellow doctor certified in the American Council of Physicians for Quality Assurance, where she joins the members of the Council, who for more than forty years have confirmed their permanent commitment, especially in the field of quality health services, in addition to supporting the safety and security of the patient, and this is what made them distinct from their colleagues. by obtaining this certificate.

Al-Khaled in the future, the delegation of the Kuwait Transparency Society

HCQM Certification and Management

The health care quality and management certificate is always based on simplifying the concepts of health care delivery, with full care for the optimal application of quality and patient safety; It is now positioning itself at the forefront of health care, with the implementation of the ACA and its recommendations, with the goal of focusing on patient safety and continuity of care.

All the experts and specialists who obtained the HCQM certificate showed full commitment towards all aspects of health care quality, such as: patient safety and security, effectiveness and efficiency of care, auditing and reviewing how to optimally use resources, in addition to efficiency, development of services and their timely delivery, while ensuring safety. the public.

“American Council”

Founded in 1977, the American Council of Quality Assurance Physicians is the largest national organization of experts from various health care specialties. The Council is also committed to achieving the highest level of patient safety and quality of health care provided to the public by maintaining a culture of scientific excellence and obtaining certificates and making it available to all health care experts.

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