Direction to prevent entry to people from African countries

Kuwait City, 27 Nov: The meeting of the Corona Committee will be held in the coming hours between the Ministries of Health, Interior and Civil Aviation, will discuss the epidemiological developments in some countries.

The sources said that the concerned authorities may resort to issuing a decision to prevent entry to the country from several African countries, in which the new mutant is spread.

The sources indicated that a specialized team from the Corona Committee is following developments since the first hours of the emergence of the new mutated virus, and indicators of infections are monitored in some countries, moment by moment.


The sources stressed that if this mutant arrives in the country, and health requirements are not adhered to, any decision will be taken without hesitation, even if we go back, especially in this period that witnesses a decrease in the immunity of the second dose.

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The sources pointed out that the Corona Emergency Committee will stress the necessity of urgency to receive the third dose for the groups that must receive it, as the situation requires the necessity of taking the revitalizing dose, to ensure the safety of everyone and the continued improvement and stability of the epidemiological health situation, away from any setbacks.


The sources said that the competent authorities, especially at the airport, will stress the need to ensure the safety of arrivals and carry them to the PCR examination, which confirms that they are free of any virus.

The sources reiterated that the epidemiological situation in Kuwait is still reassuring, and no case of the new mutant has been detected.


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