Demand for death sentence instead of a life sentence for woman killer

Kuwait City, Oct 17: The Court of Appeal booked the case of her husband’s killer with a hammer, who smashed his face and body and put him inside a carpet for two days, after which she went out in space and left his body at home, to the current 24th session of the verdict. Reported by Al-Qabas.

The defense of the victim, lawyer Ibrahim Al-Kandari, attended and demanded a tougher sentence and a death sentence for the wife, instead of the life sentence.

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Al-Kandari added: Is it reasonable to demand the death penalty for whoever kills his wife, but the matter is different when a woman kills her husband?

On the other hand, the wife’s defense demanded that the life sentence be commuted, stressing that the case is classified as beating that led to death and not premeditated murder.


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