Decisions to solve the labor shortage crisis in schools

Kuwait News, Jan 18: The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Ali Al-Yacoub is in the process of taking a new package of decisions to solve the labor shortage crisis in schools, and expedite the pace of finalizing local contracting procedures with 2,100 male and female workers to fill the shortage in educational areas. Reported by Al-Qabas.

Responsible sources revealed that Al-Yacoub decided to exempt some members from the interview committees and assign others, and gave strict instructions to the heads of the committees to complete their work as soon as possible, so that the new workers are enrolled in schools with the entry of the second semester next month.

Today, the final exams for the first semester of the twelfth grade of the school year 2021-2022 continued, and students of the scientific and literary departments were on a date with Islamic education, while students of religious education took the Arabic language test, and students are scheduled to take a break from the exams. today.


While a number of officials visited the correction rooms to check on the progress of work, teachers explained to Al-Qabas that the questions of the Islamic test were clear and direct, and that the cases of deprivation from the test were increasing.

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Health Requirements

The First Deputy for Scientific Control, Assistant Undersecretary for Financial Affairs, Youssef Al-Najjar, confirmed the application of all necessary health requirements and followed within the correction committees and rooms, which were stipulated by the Ministry of Health, including social distancing, wearing a mask inside the correction committees, and providing sterilizers and the necessary tools.


Al-Najjar reassured that the correction work is proceeding normally without any obstacles, and the process of correcting the papers is taking place on a timely basis, wishing success and success for all.

In turn, the Acting First Instructor of Social Studies in Al-Ahmadi Educational District, Adel Al-Mayyas, stated that today’s test came at the average student level, indicating that no contacts or comments were received from all committees in the educational districts on the test, which indicates the clarity of the questions.

Al-Mayass explained that the correction of the test papers began yesterday evening, as the number of committees reached 40 correction committees, and the correction will be completed tomorrow.


Al-Mayyas stressed that all health requirements recommended by the Ministry of Health were observed in the correction committees, and all preventive means were used to protect the teacher while correcting the test.

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