Civil Service: a discount from one to 15 days… for employees who do not comply with health requirements

Civil Service: a discount from one to 15 days
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The Civil Service Bureau announced the imposition of the warning penalty and then deduction from the employee’s salary in government agencies in a gradual manner, in the event that he violates health requirements and preventive measures to confront the Coronavirus.

The Civil Service Bureau said in a statement today, that it will impose disciplinary punishment on violators, taking into account the rules contained in Article 60 of the Civil Service Decree, as it will initially receive a warning and then a gradual reduction from the salary, starting with a deduction of one day and tightening after that, so that the deduction does not exceed 15 days at a time.

The Bureau called on government agencies to take all disciplinary measures, in accordance with the legally prescribed, in the face of employees who violate health requirements and apply the appropriate disciplinary punishment.



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