“Civil Information” launches an inquiry service on the data of residents of real estate owners

The Public Authority for Civil Information launched an inquiry service about the data of residents of real estate owners, enabling them to view, follow-up, verify their validity, and file a complaint automatically in the event of incorrect data.

The Director-General of the Public Authority for Civil Information, Musaed Al-Asousi, stated that after the launch of the application of my identity as a means of secure verification through the digital identity of the individual according to the Electronic Transactions Law, it became possible to display the data of the residents of the owners of the property, and this step is complementary to what was launched in 2018 through the Malik Alerts service The property, which enables the property owner to automatically follow up on any addition or removal of residents on the property he owns.

Al-Asousi noted that the aim of this service is to achieve transparency and enable the owner of the property to be one of the tools of control, in addition to the strict procedures that the authority takes in requests for changing the address in terms of completing the required documents and imposing the landlord’s fingerprint to ensure his personal presence and the owner’s fingerprint to ensure his knowledge and approval of the lessor’s residence.


Al-Asousi indicated that this service comes in line with the requirements of transparency and oversight aimed at the Public Authority for Combating Corruption (Nazaha), which was informed of the steps taken by the authority in auditing address change transactions, and the procedures followed to verify their validity.

Al-Asousi added that the service enables the property owner to submit the complaint automatically, after completing the questionnaire in the service to verify the validity of the complaint before confirming it, as the authority noticed that in many cases the lease contract is signed by one of the family members without the knowledge of the other, especially in property The heirs, as in most cases the residents are from the previous owner before transferring the property to the new owner, who must review the authority to write off the previous residents after purchasing the property, in addition to various other cases that the questionnaire seeks to clarify.

Regarding the registration mechanism in the service, Al-Asousi emphasized that it is necessary to use the application of my identity and activate the authentication feature in the application, and then enter the authority’s website www.paci.gov.kw, to request the aforementioned service, which requires its completion to upload the necessary documents to prove ownership of the property.


Source: Al-Qabas


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