Civil ID is not issued with an inactive chip

Kuwait News, Jan 12: An official source in the Public Authority for Civil Information confirmed to Al-Rai that “the failure of some government agencies to accept the civil ID of some citizens on the pretext of not activating the electronic chip is due to those same authorities, and the authority has nothing to do with that.”

The source explained, “The failure to read the civil ID in some authorities is due to their failure to update the slide reading program, which is distributed to all government agencies and bodies periodically with each development and update of the authority’s automated system and its website.”

The source pointed out that “the authority cannot issue any civil card, whether to a citizen or an expatriate, with a chip in it unless it is readable by the automated system and the information recorded in it is correct according to the official documents,” calling on the concerned authorities to “develop their systems according to the instructions for reading civil cards and facilitating the auditors.”


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