The case of the two events of “ISIS” to “closure”, and a church in “Al-Ardiya” was targeted


A security source revealed that the security services thwarted a plan for two legal events to target one of the Church of an Asian community in the Ardiya area (and for information, the Church is closed).

The source listed the details of the arrest of the two Kuwaiti minors, as they were lured through electronic games “PUBG” by elements believed to be affiliated with the terrorist organization “ISIS”.

The source said, in a special statement to Al-Anbaa: A few days ago, the Ministry of Interior’s operations received a report that an incident with a Kalashnikov was thrown in front of a house belonging to a security officer in Al-Firdous area after an altercation with another incident.


The source pointed out that the incident received special attention from the security services, especially the State Security Agency, adding: The security men found that the event that threw the firearm, and an investigation was opened with him, he reported that a young person living in the Fahaheel area contacted him and asked him to He is carrying out a terrorist act targeting one of the Church of an Asian sect, and he explained that the event was thought to be a joke, but he was surprised that the event that was staying in Fahaheel had come to him to hand him the firearm and ask him to accompany him to the church site in Ardiyah, but the event receded when he saw Firearm and I realize it’s serious.

The source continued by saying: The case was immediately followed up by the state security apparatus, and the house of al-Hadath was raided in the Fahaheel area, and another firearm was found and “ISIS” flags were found on black bags.

The source confirmed that further investigations will be conducted to find out if there are friends of them.


Source: Al-Anbaa


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