Chief of Staff to Ali Al-Sabah students: Effort and dedication to defend the dear homeland

The Chief of the General Staff of the Army, Lieutenant-General Khaled Al-Saleh, stressed today, Wednesday, the importance of practical training and theoretical lessons received by students of Ali Al-Sabah Military College, which is reflected in their effective performance and successful application.

The Staff said in a press statement that this came after the presentation of the final external project of Ali Al-Sabah Military College (Jund Al-Watan 5) for the 48th batch of officer cadets and the officer qualification course No. 1 in the Al-Adaira region under the patronage and presence of the Chief of Staff.


The statement stated that the Chief of Staff listened to a briefing and explanation of the operational orders on the sand table and followed up on the application of what the student officers received during their studies at the Military College and the different field skills they were trained on in the external project with the participation of the Air Force using combat aircraft, helicopters and units of the land force.


He stated that the Chief of Staff praised the distinguished efforts made by the participants and supervisors of the exercise, which were reflected in their effective performance and successful application of the lessons and exercises they received during their studies at the college.

He pointed out that Lieutenant-General Khaled Al-Sabah urged everyone to exert more effort and give in seeking knowledge and perseverance in work and training to achieve the desired goal in defending this dear country and harnessing all their capabilities to serve the country and work for it.


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