Characteristics of the tourist and family visas are still suspended

Kuwait City, Nov 11: Despite the recent decisions of the Council of Ministers regarding opening family entry visas and visits of all types of commercial, tourist, family and governmental visits to expatriates, security sources revealed that tourist and family visits are still suspended, as is the case for the entry of children over 16 years of age, and the entry of parents, except for some jobs such as the medical and teaching sector. Reported by Al-Qabas.

The residency affairs departments revealed that the directors of the residency affairs departments in the six governorates received clear and explicit instructions to set strict controls on the entry of expatriates, step by step in the process of granting visas, and not open the door for everyone to enter the country.

The tour showed that no undocumented transactions from Kuwaiti embassies abroad will be accepted, in addition to applying the salary requirement of at least 500 dinars to accept the treatment of an expatriate applying to join a family, as well as the presence of a vaccination certificate. [Also Read: “Residential”: the application of renewable energy sources in 80 buildings in the areas of West Abdullah Al-Mubarak, East Tayma and Jaber Al-Ahmad]


The directors of the departments, according to the instructions issued to them, stipulated that those wishing to bring in wives and children under 16 years of age must receive a salary of 500 dinars, and the entry would be a family entry visa, not a tourist visit, provided that the husband had the right not to complete the residency procedures and to be satisfied with the residence of the wife and children under 16 years for a period Only 3 months, back again to their countries.

An official source confirmed that the residency affairs departments in the six governorates completed about 7,000 various transactions, including the features of joining a family, commercial visits, and government visits in one day, noting that commercial visits represent about 45% of the transactions.


Adil Khan

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