Call to ban the TikTok and Club House apps in Kuwait

  • The first is because there is no license and the second is for exposing the younger generation of children to delinquency.

Kuwait News, March 20: Colleague writer M. Ghanim Al-Zoubi called on the leaders of the Public Authority for Communications and Information Technology to ban the “Clubhouse” and “Tik Tok” applications in Kuwait.

He submitted two complaints in two official letters to the Public Authority for Communications and Information Technology, stating the fundamental reasons that prompted him to demand the prohibition and prohibition of these two applications.

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In the first book he presented yesterday on the Clubhouse app, Zoubi said: “I present this book to you, including the complaint against the Club House app, and I demand that the application be banned because it uses the Internet to make voice calls – voice over IP – which is one of the prohibited matters. Because it is without a license from the Communications Commission.

He explained in his book that included the complaint about the “Tik Tok” application: “I present to you this complaint against the“ Tik Tok ”application because of the ease with which children can access it, and the lack of protection settings in it and it contains bad and unsuitable materials for children, as well as because these materials contradict our customs, traditions and teachings. The true Islamic religion is what exposes the younger generation to deviation. ”

Al-Zoubi called on the leaders of the Communications Commission to prohibit the application of “Tok Tok” in Kuwait.


Source: Al-Anba

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