Bringing domestic workers from Ethiopia before Ramadan

Kuwait City, March 5: For the sake of efforts aimed at solving the domestic worker crisis in the country, the step of bringing in labor from Ethiopia has approached, and this is expected before Ramadan, and the labor agreement with Ethiopia is expected to be signed within two weeks, after it is presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Al-Qabas officials informed that the Ethiopian side has completed its observations on the agreement.

Head of the Federation of Domestic Workers Recruitment Agencies, Khaled Al-Dakhnan, confirmed to Al-Qabas that there are efforts and continuous follow-up with the Ethiopian side to completely end the procedures and open the door for recruitment soon.


Al-Dakhnan praised the efforts made by the Federation in cooperation with the Public Authority for Manpower to end the procedures for Filipino domestic workers who were in the accommodation centers, as he, in coordination with the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait, left the country.

The presence of Filipino workers in the shelters constituted the basis for obstructing the path of returning the recruitment of domestic workers, which has been suspended since February last year, as Al-Dakhnan expected that after the workers’ departure from Kuwait and their arrival to their country, a recommendation will be submitted from the Philippine embassy in Kuwait to its government in preparation for the reopening of the door to new contracts.

He added: After the recommendation was raised to the Philippine government, it is expected that the new contracts will be brought in before the month of Ramadan.


It is noteworthy that Kuwait, in coordination with the Philippine embassy, ​​managed on March 2 and March 3 to complete the procedures and settle the situation of nearly 300 Filipino workers, of whom 54 were in the migrant worker accommodation center.

Yesterday, in a statement, the “Manpower” affirmed its keenness to facilitate the labor procedures in the center for expatriate workers and to shorten the procedures followed regarding the settlement of their status, pointing to the completion and completion of procedures for 54 female Filipino inmates inside the center in preparation for their return to their country.

On the other hand, the Public Authority for Manpower has canceled 21092 work permits for citizens and residents within 51 days from January 12 to March 3.


The authority’s statistics issued yesterday indicated that 11,610 residents had their work permits canceled due to their presence outside the country, as their residency permits ended without renewing them, in addition to canceling the registration notice for 2317 Kuwaitis.

In the same period, the authority renewed work permits for 145,000 resident workers, in addition to issuing 596 work permits for workers that obtained cabinet approval for recruitment from abroad, and issued 204 work visas.

The authority approved 15,752 university degrees for workers residing in the country through the easiest system.


It also canceled 167 files for business owners and 978 licenses registered on files, and transferred 96 workers to the government sector.

The total number of electronic services implemented by the authority during the aforementioned period reached 326 thousand transactions distributed among 61 different services.

Source Al-Qabas


Adil Khan

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