Balducci: We welcome Kuwaiti tourists to Italy… and there is no stone for the arrivals

Balducci: We welcome Kuwaiti tourists to Italy… and there is no stone for the arrivals

Italian Ambassador to Kuwait Carlo Balducci confirmed that the art exhibition held in the embassy building is part of the embassy’s activities on the occasion of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of relations between the two countries, pointing out that it sheds light on the old Kuwait and is a good occasion to highlight the strong relations between the two countries and areas for their future development in various fields. fields.

In a statement to reporters on the sidelines of the opening of the Italy and Urban Planning Exhibition in Kuwait yesterday morning, Balducci stressed that “the relations between the two countries are very strong, and we have identical visions on many regional and international issues of common interest, and we are working together to enhance the security and stability of the region, and this is a result.” of our friendships for six decades.


He explained that Kuwait received the first two Eurofighter planes after they were approved by the Air Force, where a big reception was held for their arrival, with two other planes to be delivered next February.

Regarding the existence of new procedures for traveling to his country and whether his country requires the third dose of approved vaccines to enter its territory, Balducci explained that his country does not require obtaining the third dose and is satisfied with the two doses and a PCR examination 72 hours before arrival, and there is no stone for those coming from Kuwait, stressing that the epidemiological situation In his country it is under control, despite the emergence of “Omicron” in many countries, pointing to the high vaccination rate in his country, which is ranked second in Europe in terms of receiving vaccination, pointing out that his country is taking all necessary precautions to address the rise in infections.

He stated that the visa center is working very actively to try to return to normal work, as between 50 and 80 visas are issued daily, welcoming Kuwaiti tourists to his country to spend Christmas and New Year.


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