Automated system for renewing permits for an age of 60 has not been opened yet

Kuwait City, Oct 9: An official in the Public Authority for Manpower denied the validity of what is being circulated on social media platforms, about opening special automated systems, to renew work permits for those who have reached the age of 60 with university degrees and below.

The official confirmed that the order to stop the renewal is still in place, as neither the labor departments nor the computer has yet received any new instructions about opening the system and programming it to accept renewal requests for the 60-year-old category targeted by Resolution No. 520 of 2020 issued on 16 last August.

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He pointed out that the labor departments and from Thursday witnessed an increase in the frequency of reviews of those who reached 60 years of age wishing to renew the work permit, indicating that if any instructions were received to open the automated system to renew the work permit and stop the decision to prevent the renewal that entered into force at the beginning of this year, an announcement will be made. It is officially through the media.

Adil Khan

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