Arrival of foreign workers within a week instead of months

Kuwait City, Oct 10: The President of the Federation of Foreign Schools, Noura Al-Ghanim, announced to Al-Rai that the approval of the Corona Committee in the Council of Ministers on commercial visas to attract foreign workers instead of work features during which foreign contracting procedures took 3 to 4 months for the worker, allowed the arrival of workers to the country within a week.

She expressed her sincere thanks “for the committee’s understanding of the union’s request and for the Minister of Education, Dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf, who pushed strongly in this direction.”

Al-Ghanim indicated that “the worker will arrive in the country now within a week to 10 days, and this will solve many existing problems, the most important of which is the severe shortage of educational cadres and in maintenance, cleaning and guard workers,” stressing that “this labor is important and necessary in preparing schools, and attracting them has become difficult.” complicated during the pandemic.


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On the other hand, Al-Ghanim assessed the academic situation in private schools a week after the opening of the reception of students, stressing that “it is much better than we expected, thank God, the study process is proceeding without obstacles and everyone is committed to health requirements, whether students, teachers or administrators, as well as parents and school owners, and on Constant contact with the Ministry of Health.

They explained, “Private schools have recorded some injuries. We must be realistic in this matter. On the contrary, if the injuries are not recorded, the situation at that time will be abnormal, but it is their number and percentage that determines the situation,” noting that “the schools deal with injuries according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health in full.


There is the operating room, which plays an excellent role in this aspect and informs school principals of all instructions and instructions in dealing with suspected cases and injuries.”

They said, “We are in an exceptional year when health requirements are adhered to, and the number of vaccinated people has reached a large percentage. I think that this will enable the Ministry of Health to clearly see the full picture, and God willing, schools will return to the usual daily attendance at the beginning of the second semester,” revealing at the same time about “Some private schools operate their buses, while others wait for drivers from abroad to arrive.”


Adil Khan

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