Ambassador Al-Budaiwi: Kuwait is keen to adopt a carbon reduction strategy

Ambassador Al-Budaiwi: Kuwait is keen to adopt a carbon reduction strategy

Kuwait’s Ambassador to Belgium and head of its missions to the European Union and NATO (NATO) Jassem Al-Budaiwi affirmed Kuwait’s keenness to adopt a national strategy to reduce carbon emissions until 2050 based on a circular carbon economy.

In a symposium organized by the European Parliament delegation for relations with the Arabian Peninsula via (video conference) in Brussels yesterday evening, Ambassador Al-Budaiwi said that the strategy will be supported by enacting relevant legislation and laws to reduce carbon emissions in line with local, regional and international standards. He stressed that Kuwait is contributing to a package of development projects based on a vision that would avoid an increase in greenhouse gases equivalent to 7.4 percent of its total emissions until 2035.

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Al-Budaiwi stressed that “Kuwait attaches great importance to diversifying the country’s energy sources by introducing renewable energies and ensuring the sustainability of energy supplies for future generations.”

He pointed out that Kuwait contributes to preserving the environment and natural resources in the world through the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, which mitigates the environmental repercussions.

He called for more participation and cooperation between the European Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council regarding environmental issues, especially in the private sector, explaining that the symposium was devoted to the topic of climate change and renewable energies in the GCC countries.


For her part, Head of the Delegation for Relations with the Arabian Peninsula in the European Parliament, Hana Neumann, said during the symposium that “discussions in this field can be very fruitful for both the European Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.”

She emphasized that discussions on climate change have become central not only in Europe but also in the Arab Gulf states.

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