Al-Turaiji: A maximum of two vehicles per expatriate and the imposition of financial fees on those who own more

– According to the trader, tens and perhaps hundreds of expatriates, each of whom owns about 50 cars

Representative Dr. Abdullah Al-Tariji submitted a proposal with a desire that the Ministry of Interior take the necessary measures to legalize the number of vehicles that an expatriate is allowed to own and register in his name, and to address unlicensed trade, reduce public landscape distortion, traffic congestion, and the scarcity of available spaces for citizens’ vehicles in the complexes. Commercial, markets and various public places, provided that among these procedures is the issuance of a decision prohibiting the expatriate from registering more than two vehicles in his name for personal use. Financial fees are imposed on each vehicle in excess of the two vehicles, provided that it passes the technical inspection.


In his suggestion, Al-Tariji said that the country suffers from a large spread of dilapidated cars roaming the streets and roads owned by expatriates, with the cause of congestion, chaos and traffic accidents, as well as the accumulation of many of these vehicles in public squares and parking lots designated for schools, mosques and shopping malls, which did not succeed. With it, the efforts of the Kuwait Municipality to eradicate this haunting phenomenon, despite our appreciation for what it is doing in this field.

From yesterday's health committee meeting

He added that according to data circulated in some newspapers and social media, tens or perhaps hundreds of expatriates own about 50 cars, or slightly less than this number.

Al-Turaiji stated that although there is no law or decision obligating any person to a specific number of vehicles, but for the sake of the public interest, and because some expatriates have converted public squares and parking into an informal and illegal market for displaying and storing cars for the purpose of trading in buying, selling and leasing, they offer Wall all laws and official decisions that regulate commercial work, and those related to the general view, or set a minimum level for the security and safety of vehicles, the concerned official authorities must intervene to control the situation.


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