Al-Shaheen to Al-Rai: “Insurances” require quick financial solutions for retirees

Obligating the institution to submit an annual financial offer so that it can be monitored with all quality

Representative Osama Al-Shaheen called on the Social Insurance Institution to provide quick financial solutions to retired men and women, enabling them to face inflation, high prices and the burden of living.


Al-Shaheen told Al-Rai that “providing quick financial solutions to retirees has become a popular, parliamentary and political demand. There is a consensus from the elite that retirees deserve financial solutions, and popularly supporting retirees has become a sweeping and general demand.” During the statement issued, it is totally unacceptable, and it must search for quick and direct financial solutions.”

Deputy Youssef Al-Gharib

Al-Shaheen announced that he had submitted, with a number of deputies, a proposal for a law related to reforming and changing the insurance management board. “The reform does not stop at removing the Chamber of Commerce from the insurance board, but it includes the rules of governance, the separation of executive management from oversight, and the obligation of insurances to submit an annual financial offer so that they can be monitored with all quality,” he said.

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