Al-Shaheen: Kuwaiti women working in the “Private” are granted a child allowance

Representative Khalil Al-Saleh

Representative Osama Al-Shaheen submitted a proposal with a desire to add an item to Cabinet Resolution No. (391) for the year 2001 to grant Kuwaiti women working in the private sector the right to pay the children’s allowance, if it is proven that the husband is unable to support them, in accordance with the regulations determined by the authority, on an equal footing with the employees of other government agencies .

Al-Shaheen pointed out that “Article Six of Cabinet Resolution No. (391) of 2001 regarding granting social allowance and children’s allowance to workers in non-governmental organizations included the right of female citizens working in non-governmental organizations to pay the prescribed social allowance for children in two cases (the death of the husband – or inability to work). While the Civil Service Council Resolution No. (1) of 1979 included the right of a female citizen working in government agencies to pay the children’s allowance, in addition to the previous two cases, another case that a female worker in non-governmental agencies does not enjoy, which is the state of inability to spend and the wife not receiving alimony for the children who are obligated to He owes their expense, which falls under many cases, for example the prisoner – the inability to work, the unhealthy matter – the missing – the absent .. and others).”


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