Al-Saleh: Inclusion of “Housewives” in “Afiya”

Al-Saleh: Inclusion of “Housewives” in “Afiya”

Representative Khalil Al-Saleh announced that he had submitted a proposal to add the “housewives” segment among the segments benefiting from “Afya” health insurance services, with an emphasis on the necessity of allocating clinics for diseases related to health care and supporting public health for the elderly.

Al-Saleh explained that health insurance for all citizens “is the goal of what he aspires to,” and that the category of “housewives” deserves all support and care, given the important societal role they play in serving Kuwait, which requires the state to pay the necessary attention to them with various support.

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Al-Saleh said that this segment is limited and will not affect health insurance services, especially since the Kuwaiti constitution stipulates that “the state is concerned with public health and with the means of prevention and treatment of diseases and epidemics.”

Al-Saleh added that ensuring the achievement of a high-quality integrated health service for the elderly is a top priority to reach a high quality of life for the elderly from the moment they enter primary health care centers or hospitals, which requires the Ministry of Health to coordinate and cooperate with private hospitals to allocate clinics for this category.

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