“Al-Safa Charity” launches the “Tahour” project to perform urgent surgeries in Kyrgyzstan

The Director General of Al-Safa Humanitarian Charity Association, Dr. Muhammad Al-Rashidi said that the association is keen to alleviate the suffering of patients, widows, orphans and the elderly, and to provide them with health care, so it launched the “Tahour” project, through which it aims to perform urgent surgical operations for these groups in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Al-Rashidi explained that the contribution is open to this project, noting that there are hundreds of patients in dire need of urgent surgeries to preserve their lives; Al-Safa Charity seeks to provide the financial means to take care of their treatment and alleviate their pain, indicating that zakat can be paid for this project, from which patients benefit from widows, orphans and the needy, who are afflicted by poverty and exhausted by disease, citing the saying of the Prophet, peace be upon him: “And God helps the servant.” As long as the servant helps his brother.”


In conclusion, Al-Rashidi called on all the benefactors of the people of Kuwait, who are accustomed to doing good, to participate in relieving the pain of these patients and helping in their treatment, in application of the principle of social solidarity among Muslims, and in order to strengthen the helping hand and assistance to every needy, by donating by calling the designated hotline. For inquiries and donations from dear supporters, through the website, or by visiting the association’s headquarters located in Al-Siddiq.

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Adil Khan

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