Al-Saadoun: The “twins” meteors will enter the atmosphere tomorrow and be seen in Kuwait at night

Al-Saadoun: The “twins” meteors will enter the atmosphere tomorrow and be seen in Kuwait at night

Astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun said that tomorrow evening, Monday, the world is witnessing the entry of the Twin Towers meteors (called the twin meteors) into the Earth’s atmosphere and seen in Kuwait during the night.

Al-Saadoun added in a statement that these meteors will appear in a wonderful scene, as they are the most numerous during the year. He explained that meteors are usually dust and small rocks left over from comets that remain in the comet’s orbit after its circumnavigation around the sun and the melting of the ice in it due to its exposure to the sun’s heat. Once every 524 days, the nearest asteroid revolves around the sun and reaches a distance of 20 million km from it.

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He mentioned that when (Phaethon) approaches the sun, its temperature rises to 750 degrees Celsius and its rocks begin to disintegrate due to drought and because it rotates rapidly every 4 hours, dust and pieces of rocks the size of a chickpea escape from it and remain in its orbit.

He added that when the Earth approaches, during its annual cycle around the sun, this dust and rocks, it attracts it and enters the atmosphere at a speed of 35 kilometers per second, and when it approaches a distance of 100 kilometers from the surface of the Earth, it comes into contact with the air and puts pressure on it quickly, which leads to its high temperature, burning and melting.

Al-Saadoun expected that the number of meteors entering the Earth’s atmosphere would reach between 80 and 120 per hour, noting that the twin meteors were discovered in 1862 and were believed to be the remnants of a comet, but their recent observation came to know their source in 1983 and that they are from the rocky asteroid Phaethon near the Earth. At about 10 million km, it is considered an asteroid likely to fall to Earth.


He pointed out that meteors can be seen at the beginning of the evening and are more numerous between eleven o’clock in the evening and four in the morning. They are apparently seen in the Twin Tower to the east, and in the middle of the night they are above the head.

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