Al-Najjar to “Al-Rai”: The movement is the reason for the vacancies in the teachers’ housing

Al-Najjar to “Al-Rai”: The movement is the reason for the vacancies in the teachers’ housing

– Rehabilitation of housing, closing others and converting to collective housing… Save in the budget

The Assistant Undersecretary for Financial Affairs in the Ministry of Education, Youssef Al-Najjar, denied the existence of unused housing for the teachers, but because of the movement of movement, there may be some vacant rooms, either due to transfer or resignation, and this is an unpredictable procedure, especially since the lease contracts for buildings are made annually, and there are no It can be terminated before the expiry date.


Al-Najjar added, in a statement to “Al-Rai”, that this was clarified to the Audit Bureau in the memorandum of response to its annual report, which was accompanied by evidence, pointing to the inclusion of the assistant undersecretaries in the membership of the team responding to the report “to ensure that violations are corrected.”


And he indicated that the financial sector “for years rented collective housing for female teachers, to save on the budget, and indeed millions were saved in housing contracts,” pointing at the same time to the rehabilitation of some housing that needs maintenance, and the closure of other housing units that are not suitable for housing.

He said that the ministry accommodates foreign female teachers in prefabricated government buildings affiliated with the Ministry of Education, while other buildings that are not suitable are returned to the Ministry of Finance. And the ministry had previously returned some residential buildings to it, explaining that the Diwan’s observations are usually after tours carried out by the Ministry of Finance in these residences, during the departure of some parameters, so it finds one or two vacant rooms, and from here it prepares its observations, stressing the ministry’s keenness to implement its recommendations first Powell.


In addition, an educational source revealed to Al-Rai that the persistence of observations and their repetition in the reports of the Audit Bureau, despite the passage of years, is due to the fact that the Bureau does not survey the violation, if it is not satisfied with the response of the Ministry, and that this response is accompanied by documents and documents indicating the violation. his health.

The source stressed that many of the old repeated violations, the current educational leaders have absolutely nothing to do with them, including the draft Integrated Program for the Development of Education, and the World Bank agreement, which blamed the ministry for financial waste without clarifying its feasibility, surprising that some employees pay the price for those observations, which may Some of them are due to political decisions, or parliamentary trends forced by the ministry.

Socialism Violations


The source explained that the Audit Bureau’s remarks on the Ministry of Education are usually shared by more than one department and department, and the reasons for it are multiple, perhaps due to negligence, lack of experience or lack of full awareness of the instructions of the supervisory authorities, while sometimes they occur due to the circumstances of the school year, which is not likely to be postponed. In offering contracts, and from here, the Ministry is forced to submit its contracts, before obtaining the approval of the Bureau, so it records a violation in that.

salary disbursement

The source said that all financial dues unlawfully disbursed to employees, such as salaries, allowances, etc., are according to the Diwan’s point of view, due to the weakness of internal control and the incorrectness of the data. In full, there is a committee in the legal sector for this.


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