Al-Mousa was suspended from work due to the “60” decision

Kuwait City, Oct 14: The Minister of Commerce and Industry issued a decision to suspend the Director of the Public Authority for Manpower from work, pending the completion of the investigation against him, against the background of the decision that was annulled by the Fatwa and Legislation Department last week, which canceled the 60 decision, and ruled that it was illegal to prohibit the renewal of work permits for expatriates who have reached 60 years old. Those who hold a high school diploma or less.

Ahmed Al-Mousa, Director-General of the Public Authority for Manpower, shall be suspended from work in the interest of the investigation, starting from the date of the issuance of the decision for a period not exceeding three months, or until the investigation committee formed by Resolution No. 191 of 2021 completes its investigations, whichever is earlier, with the payment of half of his salary for the duration of the investigation and suspension period.

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