Al-Huwaila: Amending the registration with the “Service Bureau” to become 21 years old

Representative Dr. Muhammad Al-Huwaila submitted a proposal with a desire to amend the registration requirement with the Civil Service Commission for those holders of a high school certificate and below from the age of 25 to 21 years, without being restricted to social status or the requirement to obtain training courses.

He stated in the proposal: “One of the conditions for registering with the Civil Service Bureau for those holders of a high school diploma or less is that he is not less than 25 years old. Not a small segment in Kuwaiti society, and that disrupting young energies is not in the interest of society, nor is it justice in anything, so that those who have a high school certificate or less, who are not over twenty-five years old, remain unemployed by depriving them of appointment to government jobs, which results in This has bad psychological effects on them, and inflicted material and moral harm on them, and this constitutes a burden on society because of the squandering of the energies of young people and not benefiting from them, instead of contributing to building society.”

Deputy Youssef Al-Gharib

He pointed out that “the Kuwaiti constitution stipulates in Article 41 of it that (every Kuwaiti has the right to work and to choose its type. Work is a duty of every citizen necessitated by dignity and the common good, and the state is based on providing it to citizens and on the justice of its conditions.”

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Adil Khan

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