Al-Bilali: The “Awqaf Trust” spares no effort to support repentant “addiction”

Al-Bilali: The “Awqaf Trust” spares no effort to support repentant “addiction”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bashayer Al-Khair Association, which specializes in rehabilitating repentant people from drug and alcohol addiction, Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Bilali, thanked the General Secretariat of Endowments for what it has always provided and provided to support charitable work in the country, praising the last “secretariat” support for the association in the amount of 153 thousand dinars, in order to cover the association’s need of The Pan-Alms Fund, the Widows’ Fund, and the Fund for the Poor and Needy.

Al-Bilali explained in a press statement that it is not surprising that the “Awqaf Trust” exerts unremitting efforts to support charitable work inside and outside Kuwait, considering that it is a source of pride for Kuwait, as it is the first institution with its specialization to be established in the Arab and Islamic worlds.

  Minister of Information and Culture, Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Chairman of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi

He added that the “Awqaf Trust” spares no effort to support repentant drug addicts and their families, which is sponsored by the Bashayer Al-Khair Association and communicates with it during various occasions, pointing out that what the secretariat provided during the previous period and what it offers during the coming period comes in appreciation of the association’s role in treating and rehabilitating addicts. This stems from its humanitarian mission to help repentant people overcome their difficult living conditions, which calls for explicit thanks and appreciation to this great institution for its continuous support for good tidings.

He also praised the positive contributions made by the rest of the charitable institutions in the country, as well as the contributions of individuals, which the people of Kuwait have built upon since its inception.

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