Al-Baghli: We seek to root social security and positive upbringing of children

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Al-Baghli Award for the Righteous Son, the patron of the Al-Baghli Award for the Righteous Son, Uncle Ibrahim Al-Baghli, announced the results and names of the winners of the competitions for the Al-Baghli Award for the Righteous Son for the year 2021 in its fifteenth edition, who will be honored at the ceremony that will be held next Tuesday, under the auspices of the Minister of Social Affairs. He indicated that the number of winners reached 27 out of 145 male and female participants in the award’s branches.

Al-Baghli said in the press conference that was held the day before yesterday at the Palm Beach Hotel to announce the names of the winners of the award competitions, “We can only commend the general policies, decisions and executive procedures set by the Ministry of Social Affairs regarding the promotion of charitable and voluntary work in the State of Kuwait,” pointing out These policies resulted in providing full support for individuals and civil society institutions to work together and cooperate to achieve integration and reach the highest degree of quality and excellence in achieving and implementing the lofty directives of the wise leadership in the State of Kuwait, which enhances and consolidates charitable, humanitarian and voluntary work in society.


He explained that “promoting the virtue of honoring parents, honoring the elderly and patriotism, is one of the main goals that the Foundation seeks to achieve in order to establish social security and positive upbringing of children. Therefore, we assumed our moral and societal responsibility in sponsoring all the activities and events of the award for the fifteenth year in a row, where we saw a great interaction from Community members to participate, which confirms the extent of awareness of the importance of righteousness to parents and the elderly, for whom we have taken upon ourselves to provide a decent life for them and deepen philanthropy in the homeland and society.

The names and positions of the winners of the Al-Baghli Prize for the Righteous Son Competition for the year 2021:

The first: Saud Suleiman Al-Saeed.


The second: Ali Yaqoub Yusuf.

The third: Hassan and Zahra Issa Al Balushi.

Fourth: Dhahi Mujran Al-Loghani.


Fifth: Hussein Saleh Jawhar Hayat.

Sixth: Zahra Muhammad Sharif.

Seventh: Rola Mahmoud Al-Hajj Ahmed.


Volunteer competition:

The first: Maha Ahmed Al-Qallaf.

The second: Badr Mansour Al-Shatti.


Third: Fatima Fahid Al-Khalidi.

Fourth: Ibtisam Muhammad Al-Muhareb.

Fifth: Iman Hassan Al-Sharrah.


Sixth: Nadia Khaled Al-Abdul-Ghafoor.

Seventh: Seydou Norodia.

Short story competition:


The first: Bushra Jamal Abu Sabra.

The second: Badriya Trad Al-Anzi.

Third: Mithhail Shafi Al-Shammari.


photography competition

All prizes are withheld due to lack of high quality entries related to the same competition theme.

Eloquent Poetry Winners:


The first: Sherif Rashad Omran.

Second: Asmaa Saeed Ibrahim.

Third: Iman Abdul-Karim Al-Razzouk.


Popular Poetry Winners:

All prizes were withheld due to the lack of quality of the poems submitted and not related to the topic of the competition.

Fine arts competition:


The first: Ilham Khalifa bin Hajji.

The second: Fatima Muhammad Jawad Diri.

Third: Fatima Rashid Joe.


Fourth: Ahmad Abd al-Ridha al-Qallaf.

Fifth: Abdullah Mutlaq Al-Azmi.

Sixth: Abdullah Muhammad Ali Mansour.


Special needs category

The plastic artist, Anfal Buhamed, won.

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