Al-Aoun: “Al-Salam for Humanitarian Action” is preparing the 53rd Convoy of Charity and the second phase of charcoal distribution

Al-Salam Association for Humanitarian and Charitable Activities is preparing to implement its new charitable project No. 53 Caravan of Charity to provide aid in Kyrgyzstan.

The Chairman of the Society’s Board of Directors, Dr. Nabil Hamad Al-Oun, announced that the convoy will start in mid-December, and will witness the implementation of many charitable and humanitarian projects of a developmental nature, and will continue until the end of the month.

Consul General in Istanbul Muhammed Fahd Al Muhammed

He said that the convoy received the attention of the donors and supporters of the philanthropic people and the owners of white hands from Kuwait and the sisterly Gulf countries, and received great acceptance by them, which is not new to the donors of the association.

He added that the convoy includes many charitable projects, including construction, primarily building and equipping apartments to house widows and orphans in Kyrgyzstan, where the cost of the average apartment is 3920 dinars, while the cost of the large apartment is 4850 dinars. The convoy also includes other projects such as building schools, medical centers, orphanages, homes for orphaned widows and poor families, mosques, water and sewage networks, and distributing food baskets, bread and various foodstuffs.

He stressed that the Convoy of Charity No. 53 will witness the implementation of the second phase of the project to distribute charcoal to poor families, to provide heating elements for them, especially since winter has begun to descend in Kyrgyzstan, which is witnessing heavy snow during these days, accompanied by a wave of severe cold that lasts for a period exceeding 6 months. general.


And he indicated that the Al-Salam Association for Humanitarian and Charitable Activities was able to distribute 3,000 tons of coal at a cost of 85,000 dinars in the first phase of the charcoal distribution project within the Charity Caravan project No. 52 to support Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, which the association completed last month, at a rate of 3 to 5 tons of charcoal Each family has enough for the whole winter season.

On how to donate to the charitable convoy, Al-Aoun pointed out that donors and supporters can donate through the direct donation link on the association’s website or via the direct link or by visiting the association’s headquarters in the Adailiya area and donating via Knet devices, or Contact the hotline 1858555.

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