Kuwaiti MP Ahmed Al-Hamad suggested that Kuwaiti women should be granted permanent residency (permanent residency) for their children, adding that Kuwaiti women have experienced many injustices and marginalization at the political and social level and that they are entitled to the same rights as men in all civil rights.

He pointed out that the fact that women did not reach the National Assembly in the last election does not mean that they will back down from demanding their explicit constitutional rights, but that Kuwait will do everything possible to restore women to their full rights. Constitution of Kuwait.

Al-Hamad said that Kuwaiti women suffer a lot of injustice and marginalization at the political and social level, and that they deserve to be like men in all rights and duties, including the right to housing and granting citizenship. Indicates that he will submit a proposal for a law that would unite both the government and the council before giving their children citizenship and appropriate responsibilities. The vote on the draft law on them, and on women, is clear and concise about who stands with women and who stands with her in word and creation until the election benefits or others are over!

Al-Hamad stressed his commitment to all the pledges he made about women’s rights in his election campaign and stressed that all legal and constitutional means to achieve women’s legitimate demands should be equal to and be able to do with his male brother. To build a Kuwaiti future that needs everyone, men and women, youth and young women.

Al-Hamad concluded by emphasizing that the confidence he had gained from male and female voters was that God was willing and would act directly and diligently to fulfill all the vows and promises he made to the voters. His main goal is to serve the citizens of the National Assembly and to demand their rights and to work in all possible forms and ways.


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