“Agriculture”: Afforestation is a national and global demand that requires concerted efforts by all governmental and private sectors

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Kuwait’s Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources stressed the “importance of afforestation and the development of green cover in the country by planting new types of plants that are more suitable for the Kuwaiti environment and its hot weather.”

“The authority is proceeding in its tireless approach towards planting Sidr trees on highways and public roads, inside and outside regions, the desert and other places, instead of palms, because they are plants that can withstand high temperatures and do not consume a lot of water and do not need close follow-up, unlike palm trees that need care,” she said in a statement. Durable, abundant water, and high cost.

His Highness the Emir of the country, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad

She pointed out that “it will not be allowed to plant palm trees in roads and public gardens, except in homes and private farms only, while it tends to plant Sidr in nature reserves.”Amateur apiaries will also be placed there to provide food security.”She stressed the need to provide water for irrigation, especially in the summer, considering the provision of irrigation and networks that irrigate crops are among the most important factors of sustainability, in parallel with the continuation of the afforestation campaigns launched by the authority and extending from the northern and southern borders to plant trees useful and suitable for the Kuwaiti environment, as well as planting public squares, roads and courses in coordination with the ministries of the state and the sector private supporter of this initiative.

The authority pointed out that “an experiment was developed for the first time since the establishment of the Agriculture Authority by separating public garden contracts from street and road contracts, which was first applied in the Capital Governorate in order to avoid neglecting the contractor in projects at the expense of other cosmetic agriculture.”Also, 39 old and dilapidated parks were developed through this mechanism in a smooth manner, and the experiment succeeded after the expiry of the contract period of 4 years, so that the idea of ​​separation was approved and re-presented again, and it can be generalized to the rest of the governorates when budgets are available in the coming years.Also, green squares and sports arenas were implemented instead of the spaces designated for buildings, as the authority implemented more than 64 sports fields as well as 48 playgrounds for children. Therefore, the ideas pursued by the authority are to create simple gardens with a tendency to remove the barriers that cause a kind of distress to the visitors, and accordingly, a step was taken to remove Fences in several gardens as models to study their impact.

The (Agriculture) stressed that the more green the area, the positive impact on health by increasing oxygen, breaking visual pollution, lowering the air temperature, as well as the environmental aspect.She explained that the work of the Implementation and Maintenance Department in the authority is related to the maintenance of existing plants, gardens and support services that were established before the establishment of the authority when it was just a department in the Ministry of Public Works by maintaining and developing these projects and adding innovative and modernizing touches.


And she indicated that «the authority has 12 contracts for the maintenance of roads and parks, covering the six governorates in the residential, investment and commercial areas and highways, which are supervised by responsible and specialized companies for the maintenance of these projects and the preservation of the plants inside them. every region.”

According to (Agriculture), the idea of ​​investing gardens was proposed by initiators in partnership with the National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises to encourage initiators and those interested in the field of agriculture to exploit and cultivate some public gardens for certain years, and considered it a new idea that would benefit the people of the region and also to preserve them from damage with Giving space for creativity in the field of agriculture to the initiators.

The authority indicated that the idea of ​​privatization is applied in the parks allocated to it in the Jahra governorate, such as the Slayil al-Jahra project and (The Boulevard Park) in Hawalli Governorate. This is a successful example of privatization and it can be applied to part of the public parks, but under the supervision of the authority.There are studies that showed that the area of ​​the green surface of the football field is equal to the work of 40 air conditioners, which prompted the authority to start implementing public gardens for its benefit in reducing the temperature in addition to creating a space for children and youth to use the playground and children’s yards and not to destroy the plants in the garden.Regarding the cosmetic agriculture, the authority said that 180 gardens were established, but it was able, in only 3 years, to prepare contracts for 60 new gardens, and 90 sites designated for new gardens were received, the contracts were prepared for them, and the budgets are awaiting approval of the budgets to start the offering procedures.


The authority emphasized the interest and support of civil society and its initiatives, whether at the level of individuals or community organizations as well as the private sector. It also launched several voluntary campaigns in cooperation between the authority and civil society to increase the green area, including the six governorates, and it is still continuing to do so.

Source: Al-Rai


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