Active winds that raise dust for 13 days

Kuwait News, July 3: Al-Ajiri Scientific Center stated that the first Gemini period of the Al-Bawarih season landed in Kuwait and the region and lasts for 13 continuous days, indicating that it is characterized by activity in the north and northwest winds at periods that raise dust during the day and return to retreat in the evening.

The Director of public relations at the center, said in a press statement today, Sunday, that the Al-Bawareh wind contributes to reducing temperatures during the day due to the presence of raised and suspended dust that reduces the intensity of solar radiation, in addition to the difference in the wind temperature from the temperature of the earth.

He explained that the “Summon winds” are different from the “Al-Bawareh” winds, as the “Summon winds” are a local term for the dry winds that blow over the Arabian Peninsula and in which the earth’s temperature is equal to the temperature of solar radiation. [Read Also: 100 complaints within 5 days against the Famous Motors Company]


Al-Jama`an reported that astronomers divide the Al-Bawareh season into three periods: “Bareh Al-Thuraya – Bareh Al-Thurayah the first – Bareh Al-Thuraya second” and each period of 13 days interspersed with the “Al-Taweba” period, indicating that the Al-Bawareh season begins with the beginning of its first period “Bareh Al-Thuraya begins on June 7.” It ends with the second Bareh Gemini on the 28th of July.

And he indicated that the calendar of seasons came according to the solar calculation, starting from the rise of the star of Suhail on August 24 in the Arabian Peninsula to be 14 seasons of 365 days.

He added that the seasons follow according to the following sequence: “Suhail – Al-Wassem – Al-Qurabiyah – Al-Shabat – Al-Aqrabet – Al-Hamim – Al-Dhara`an – Penthouse – Pleiades – Al-Tawabe’ – First Gemini – Second Gemini – Al-Murzam – Al-Kulaibin.”


Adil Khan

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