Abdullah Al-Mudhaf asks the Minister of Commerce about leasing industrial plots

MP Abdullah Al-Mudhaf submitted a question to the Minister of Commerce and Industry about industrial plots, in which he said, “There are vouchers whose contracts have expired, and they are Contract No. (208) dated 7/6/1999 and Contract No. (211) dated 7/10/1999 and ending on 5/31. / 2019, which was extended by the Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Industry in accordance with the powers and powers granted to it, and please provide me with the following:

• A copy of those powers and authorities granted to the Authority’s Board of Directors under the provisions of the Industry Law and the Unified Industrial Organization Law.


• Provide me with the technical opinion of the Authority regarding the aforementioned two contracts.

MP Saadoun Hammad

• What is the time limit for contract renewal?

• Are there approved rules and regulations that regulate the process of determining the time limit? If the answer is yes, please provide me with a copy of the approved rules and regulations in force.


He asked about the procedure followed by the authority in some industrial plots leased from the state whose contracts have expired and are still in the possession of the beneficiary?

And he inquired about the existence of industrial lands allocated to an investor who sub-rented them? If the answer is in the affirmative, please provide me with a list of the number of industrial plots that have been sub-rented, and provide me with a table showing the rental value of each industrial land in (meters) allocated to an investor and the rental value in (meters) After subletting it until the date of question.

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Adil Khan

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