55,000 people left Kuwait during the Eid al-Adha holiday

Kuwait City, July 11: The General Administration of Civil Aviation has raised the level of its preparations to facilitate the expected movement of passengers during the Eid Al-Adha holiday and to complete travel procedures easily for all travelers.

Statistics obtained by Al-Qabas on the expected movement of passengers and aircraft during the “Al-Adha” holiday revealed that the total departures and arrivals to the country will reach about 73,000 passengers on 877 flights. The statistics showed that about 75% of the total passenger traffic during the Eid holiday is from departures, as their number will reach about 55 thousand passengers on 442 flights, compared to about 18 thousand of those arriving on 435 flights.

According to the statistics, Turkey, Riyadh, Dubai, Doha, and then London are the highest travel destinations during the Eid holiday, and these destinations are also the highest coming to the country.


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According to the figures and information, raising the movement of passengers coming to the country to about 5,000 passengers has boosted the travel activity, coinciding with the summer season and the approval of the Council of Ministers to restart a number of European travel stations.

The General Administration of Civil Aviation and other entities operating at Kuwait International Airport are working around the clock to finalize the procedures for the departure and return of passengers and to face the pressure of travel, in order to reduce pressure and congestion and speed up the completion of their procedures.


Adil Khan

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