Impose 250KD penalty for collecting oysters and Snails

Kuwait City, Oct 28: Environmental Protection Law criminalizes the collection of oysters and snails from the beaches of Kuwait, environmental activists have sounded the alarm, warning of “gangs from East Asia that are draining Kuwait’s beaches through a continuous collection of snails and oysters in various places, including the coasts of Anjafa, Al-Bida’, Fintas, and the Al-Joon area near Asherij area, revealing that “these gangs have special clothing and means of transportation and carry out the collection process professionally, for the benefit of restaurants or export.”

And they indicated that “this process of overfishing, which takes place in large quantities, is often in the evening period,” explaining that “these snails play a pivotal ecological role, as they are considered the basic food for many fish and larger marine organisms, and they are a cornerstone of marine biodiversity to provide them.” Food for fish.

For its part, the Environment Public Authority warned that collecting oysters and snails is a violation of up to 250 dinars, appealing to all citizens and residents to preserve the marine and wild environment and protect it from any aggression.


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Environmental activist Dr. Fanis Al-Ajmi told Al-Rai that “the environmental protection law prohibits the collection of snails or oysters,” expressing his regret that “they are overfished in large quantities, either for food or trade, especially in the evening period, and this is not permissible, and it is arranged It must be that the snails and oysters disappeared from our shores after we used to see them so much.”

He concluded by saying, “The land suffers, but the sea suffers more, and we hope to tighten the penalties, and we hope to get out of the stage of demands to preserve the environment to the stage of launching environmental projects.”


Adil Khan

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