2,200 Unemployed Kuwaiti engineers are looking for work

Kuwait City, July 12: The chapters of the story of unemployed Kuwaiti engineers are still continuing, in light of the saturation of the government sector with some specializations, and its need for other specializations, as the total number of unemployed Kuwaiti engineers in various engineering disciplines registered with the Civil Service Commission reached 2,200 engineers and engineers until yesterday.

In parallel, the statistic of workers in the government sector until March 2021 indicates that the number of expatriates working in engineering jobs in various government agencies amounted to 2036 male and female employees, including 1491 in ministries, which can be considered that proceeding with the decision to “Kuwait” government sectors may be a contributing factor in Appointment of unemployed engineers.

According to official figures, the industrial engineering major had the lion’s share of the unemployed, with 720 registered engineers, while the mechanical engineering majors had 672 males and females, petroleum engineering 248 males and females, then electrical engineering with a total of 179 male and female engineers. While the unemployed have a chemical engineering major, 178 male and female engineers.


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The rest of the unemployed engineers were distributed among other disciplines, such as environmental engineering, oil and gas engineering, architecture, and electronics and communications engineering.

In this context, informed sources revealed that the government sector will not be able to employ this number of engineers at the present time, and even if they are appointed, there will be an overcrowding crisis in government sectors, especially since the average age of state employees is far from the retirement age, and therefore alternatives must be found. To employ engineers, or increase the motivation of young people to turn to the private sector, and enact legislation that will first increase the rate of “Kuwaitization” in engineering companies, as well as reassuring legislation for young people that motivates them to enter the private sector.

Adil Khan

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