200 cars by direct contract to transfer secondary exams

200 cars by direct contract to transfer secondary exams

Coordination with the Ministry of the Interior to provide security backing and preserve the privacy of exams

An official source in the Ministry of Education revealed to Al-Rai that the General Services Administration has finished providing 200 cars with “direct purchase” to transfer secondary exams from the central control to the examination committees in all educational areas.


The source stressed the obligation of companies to provide drivers for cars, while the ministry will request security support from the Ministry of Interior to provide protection and privacy for secondary exams similar to previous exams, indicating that the number of cars is sufficient to cover all secondary committees and there are no problems in this aspect, especially since the twelfth exams have been separated from the two classes. Tenth and eleventh.


On the other hand, the source confirmed that the exams for the secondary classes are now ready in the secret printing press; The required copies were withdrawn with backup copies under the supervision of the technical guidance, while the ministry took the written pledges, as usual, on the workers in the printing press, through which they bear full criminal responsibility in the event that the tests were exposed to leakage.

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