100 complaints within 5 days against the Famous Motors Company

Kuwait News, July 3: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry received 100 complaints within 5 days from citizens against a famous luxury car office, accusing it of not fulfilling the contracts signed with it, and handing over cars to be imported to them from abroad at competitive prices compared to the market price and agencies in the country.

The total financial claims that have been counted against the car office so far amount to 3 million dinars, and it is likely that the amount will rise with the increase in the frequency of complaints in the coming days.

They indicated that the owner of the officers returned the money of 10 complainants whose claims amounted to approximately 420,000 dinars, thus ending their complaints. [Read Also: New decree transfers some heads of diplomatic missions]


Additional Complaints

The sources stated that there are a number of complainants whose cars have not yet been delivered according to the contracts signed between the two parties, and therefore the ministry directed them to wait until the date of receipt, and in the event of failure to do so, additional complaints will be registered against the office.

The sources pointed out that the owner of the Automobile Office, after being summoned by the Ministry of Commerce, represented by the Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Sector, expressed his cooperation in returning the money of some of the complainants, and was unable to reach some agreed cars with problems facing shipping and a slowdown in the production lines of factories abroad.

The sources express their concerns about the possibility of a rise in the number of complainants in the coming days, and thus the inability of the owner of the office to fulfill his obligations to all contracted individuals, especially since he claimed that the majority of his money was abroad and was paid to car agencies outside Kuwait to fulfill his obligations to his clients.


Office Clients

The sources stated that among the clients of the Automotive Office were representatives of the National Assembly, government leaders, public figures, and members of the ruling family, in addition to citizens of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, specifically from the State of Qatar.

Adil Khan

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