Indian Ambassador Seppy George Speech $ 10 Billion

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Indian Ambassador in Kuwait, Seppy George, praised the depth of India-Kuwait relations, which he described as excellent, historical and developed at all levels and in various areas of bilateral cooperation.

And noted the willingness of political leadership in both countries to support them and to strengthen these relationships and advance them in the interests of the two friendly peoples.

In statements to reporters on the sidelines of the concert held by the embassy to mark the 72nd anniversary of Republic Day.


George indicated that special events will be held this year, including the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding in both countries diplomatic relations between them and the statement that his country was at the forefront of the countries that recognized and developed relations with Kuwait.

On Kuwait’s celebration of the 30th anniversary of its liberation from the clutches of his country’s brutal invasion.

George pointed out that the total volume of trade between the two countries reached $ 10 billion in 2019, reflecting the strength of trade and economic ties between the two countries.


And indicated that there is a large and growing Kuwaiti investment in India that the volume of these investments exceeded $ 5 billion, which indicates that he is satisfied with the sharp rise in their interest rates this year.

When asked about the impact of the new standards imposed by the Kuwaiti authorities to reduce the number of arrivals at Kuwait Airport to 1,000 passengers a day.

He said the main concern of governments now is the safety of their citizens and its protection from the epidemic and stresses its respect for all measures Kuwait has taken as per its assessment.


For the inner attitude in these nervous times that the world is going through.

George expressed his satisfaction with the efforts of the Kuwaiti diplomacy, which was successful in resolving the Gulf Crisis, and showed that his country supported the Kuwaiti mediation and the various initiatives of Kuwait to achieve security and stability in the region.

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