In the video, Rajkumar fills me with hope for tomorrow.

In the video, Rajkumar fills me with hope for tomorrow.

  • You should make double efforts and dedication to fulfill your national duty, while seeking development to create a momentum of opportunity and achievement to relieve the shoulders of citizens.
  • Keeping in mind the common interest of the nation, working in a team spirit to achieve the aspirations and aspirations of the people for development, which rises above all others.
  • Amir to the Prime Minister: Your Highness’s instructions will be a light for us by cooperation between the two officials, whose framework constitution and law serve Kuwait and priorities in a way on which we agree

Maryam Hajak

His Excellency Prince Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmad yesterday saluted the members of the new government taking constitutional oaths before His Majesty, a better tomorrow and brighter in the presence of His Highness Prince Sheikh Meshal al-Ahmad and his supremacy Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Ah. Khalid with a salutation filled with hope for the future. His Majesty addressed the Ministers, saying: “You have very big responsibilities and I am sure you are able to face them and work with the spirit of a team, keeping in mind the general interest of the country.” Is above all thought. , And want development to give relief to the citizens. “
His Majesty, directing the attendees, said: Walk on the blessings and help of God, cooperate as a team and one hand, and endeavor to fulfill your national duty to speed achievement in the service of our loyal people and Double the dedication. His Excellency Aamir said: “I find it imperative that I ask two officials to cooperate constructively, are equipped with our social fabric and our national unity, face fundamental issues and make public as per the provisions of the Constitution. Protects and enforces wealth with persistence and transparency in law for all. “


For his part, His Excellency Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Khalid promised cooperation between the two officials, saying: “Your Highness’s directives will be a beacon for us in the framework of the Constitution and the Law, in a way that Kuwait and the Priorities of which But we agree. Your Excellency and His Highness the Crown Prince ».

On the other hand, informed sources said, in a special statement given to al-Anba that the Council of Ministers in its meeting yesterday did not decide to discontinue certain business activities, which are to end one month. was scheduled. On the 7th of this month. Sources said: If the council does not issue a decision to extend it before the specified date, it means that the closing will end at the end of the decision on the 7th of this month, until the decision for the council to issue the decision Is not taken. One more process.

here are the details:


His Excellency Prince Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmad was received at the Bayan Palace yesterday morning and in the presence of His Excellency Prince Sheikh Mishal al-Ahmad, His Excellency Sheikh Sabah al-Khalid welcomed the Prime Minister to take the constitutional oath as Prime Minister. Appointment.

Sheikh Hamad Jabar al-Ali al-Sabah, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.

Abdullah Yusuf Abdulrahman al-Rumi, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Justice and Minister of State for Integrity Promotion Affairs.


Issa Ahmed Muhammad Hasan Al-Kandari, Minister of Endowment and Islamic Affairs.

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Latif al-Faris, Minister of Oil and Minister of Higher Education.

Sheikh Dr. Basel Hammud Hamad Al-Sabah, Minister of Health.


Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Nasir al-Muhammad al-Sabah, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs.

Dr. Rana Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Faris, Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology.

Mubarak Salem Mubarak Al-Haris, Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs.


Sheikh Thamar Ali Sabah al-Salem al-Sabah, Minister of the Interior.

Khalifa Musad Hamadeh, Minister of Finance and Minister of State for Economic Affairs and Investment.

– Abdul Rahman Badah Al-Mutairi, Minister of Information and Culture, and Minister of State for Youth Affairs.


Dr. Ali Fahd al-Mudaf, Minister of Education.

Shaia Abdulrahman Ahmed Al-Shaya, Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Minister of State for Housing and Urban Development.

Dr. Abdullah Issa al-Salman, Minister of Trade and Industry.


Dr. Mashan Muhammad Mission Al-Otabi, Minister of Power, Water and Renewable Energy, and Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development.

He took a constitutional oath before His Majesty on the occasion of his appointment to his new posts.

His Highness Emir gave a sublime speech, which wrote:


“I wish you all the best with a salutation of hope for a better tomorrow and a brighter future, God is ready, and I congratulate you on the occasion of the formation of the new cabinet and the selection of your members in it, and I pray to God My deepest thanks to the brothers of the former ministers in this regard, to the Almighty to help you carry on that great national faith that you have entrusted.

In this meeting, I would like to record the appreciation and admiration of His Excellency Brother Sheikh Sabah al-Khalid for his great efforts, and I insist on your hands for double efforts and dedication to fulfill your national duty, Development to create opportunities and speed of achievement to relieve the burden of citizens.

Brothers & Sisters,


You have great responsibilities, especially at this critical stage, and I am sure that, with the help of God, you are able to face them and collectively in a team spirit to advance for national work towards improvement. Able to take action and development to achieve the aspirations and growth aspirations of our loyal people at all levels, keeping your eyes in mind. The common interest of the motherland, which rises above all ideas.

In this regard, it is necessary for me to ask the legislative and executive officers to cooperate with their social fabric and national unity in order to achieve the desired national goals, to confront the main issues And protect public funds. Provision of constitution and enforcement of law with firmness and transparency to all.

Brothers & Sisters,


Cooperate with one hand to serve your beloved country, Kuwait, and its loyal people, walk on the blessings of God, ask Almighty God to make your colleague success and repayment, and that his glory be the best support for you. And there is help.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. “Prime Minister Sheikh Saba al-Khalid gave a speech which wrote:” Praise be to God in the name of God, and blessings and peace. The messengers of God and his family and those who follow him.

His Highness Prince Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmad


His Excellency Crown Prince Sheikh Meshal al-Ahmad

Peace, Mercy and God Bless,

On behalf of me and my sister and brothers, members of the Council of Ministers, we proceed to the shrine of Your Honorable Majesty, the supreme miracle of praise and pride for the precious faith you have brought, we ask God To serve Kuwait and its loyal people to help us live up to the good expectations of our highness.


Your Highness, Sir

We have carefully listened to Your Excellency’s words and your Highness’s instructions and your valuable advice, which we will put on a road map to God’s work as a team working for the interests of Kuwait and its citizens.

Your Excellency, the cooperation between the two authorities mentioned in Your Excellency’s instructions will be a guideline for us, which outlines the Constitution and the law, in a way that serves Kuwait and the priorities we agree on is the will of God.


In my name and in the name of my sister and brothers,

Her Majesty,

We pledge to you that we will work as a team and will do everything possible to achieve the progress, progress and prosperity of our country under the leadership of our Highness and Crown Prince.


Peace, Mercy and God Bless ”.

The oath ceremony was attended by Sheikh Ali Al-Jarrah, Minister of Amir Diwan Affairs, Sheikh Mubarak Al-Faisal, Head of Amir Dewan, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Abdullah, Deputy Minister of Amir Dewan Affairs, Undersecretary of the Amiri Court and Director of the Office His Excellency Prince Ahmed Fahd al-Fahd, and Crown Prince Lieutenant General Jamal Muhammad al-Dhiyab, Director of His Majesty’s Office. The Director of the Prime Minister’s Office is Lieutenant General Mahmoud al-Rahmani and Acting Secretary General. Council of Ministers, Counselor Val Issa al-Assouci.

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Source: Al-Anbaa


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