In the video, Ahmed Al-Nawaf is valuable | Al Anba newspaper

In the video, Ahmed Al-Nawaf is valuable |  Al Anba newspaper

Deputy Chief of the National Guard, Lieutenant General Sheikh Ahmed Nawwaf Al-Ahmad, stressed the need for dear and valuable efforts to safeguard the important installations and positions of responsibility of the National Guard.

The National Guard came in a statement following an inspection visit by Sheikh Ahmed al-Nawaf to several National Guard responsible sites comprising the Defense Brigade’s fourth and fifth facilities defense battalions, which are responsible for security and security. Inspects Central Oil Region and Subhan fuel depots, as well as military police column and movement space, taking care to protect and secure military convoys.


National Guard Chairman Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Saba wishes Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nawaf affiliates and their brothers in the Supreme Command proud to play a key role in the defense and security system, the police and the general fire brigade, and the beloved and valuable to protect the homeland. Their constant willingness to do.

He stressed the importance of care, caution and adherence to the instructions and security duties assigned to them, emphasizing the role of the National Guard in providing support and assistance to state civil and military officers.

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