In Ruslani video for Al-Anba al-Wala | Al Anba newspaper

In Ruslani video for Al-Anba al-Wala |  Al Anba newspaper
  • Today’s opening badge for the start of cultural events, including the “Online” poetry competition.

M. Fawaz al-Raslani confirmed that echoes of Gulf reconciliation at the Al-Ula summit in the sister kingdom of Saudi Arabia are still prominent news in Arab newspapers, and that the summit represents a new beginning as history records that the Cooperation Council, the Gulf House, from external threats.

Al-Raslani said this in a speech with Al-Anba at the event, which was held at the Jumeirah Hotel under the title “Loyalty and Loyalty” in the presence of several ambassadors and mission heads of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Nations, this context corresponds to the victory of the Al-Ula summit, which occurred after Almighty God. Almighty late prince, humanitarian leader, His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, God rest his soul. He played a leading role in bridging this rift and with the efforts of His Highness Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad, who was followed by His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad.

Al-Ruslani said: “The late Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad, God rests his soul, the proud leader of the Arab nation, and by his departure, at the level of rulers or people.”


He said: “Our joy today at the impact left by the humanitarian leader among the sons of the Gulf Cooperation Council states motivates us to organize this event in his good memory, which can be dedicated to the reputation of his worldwide work for his humanitarian work and diplomatic activities. and the immortality of the exploits of the late human leader.

Regarding the activities of the event, Al-Ruslani added: The initiative will be the starting point for an upcoming set of social activities and activities, including a poetry competition to be held online “due to the health crisis” pandemic. We were able to support this wonderful march even after the departure of the Prince of Humanity.

Great gesture


For his part, the poet Khalid al-Munshar said: We are meeting tonight with the heads of the missions of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to give an overview and explanation for launching the “Loyalty and Loyalty” program for a great man. Respected and honored and has a unique and distinctive world character, and he is the leader of humanity, His Highness the late Prince Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, the good God rests his soul because this great event takes place with the coordination and initiative of M. Fawaz al. -Raslani, and also thanks to the presence of the heads of the missions of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries at this meeting.

Omani Ambassador to Al-Anba: Gulf Reconciliation is a Strong Motivation for Joint Arab Action Ambassador Dr. Saleh Al-Kharosi with our colleague Doa Khattab

The Gulf Reconciliation sought by Kuwait is fruitful, the Gulf House is a home, and the return of solidarity is a valuable issue and a strong impetus for joint Arab action.


He pointed out that the “loyalty and obedience” initiative, set up in memory of the exploits committed by the late leader of humanitarian work, His Highness Prince Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, could have God have mercy on him and forgive him. “The good memory that came late is no doubt a great memory because Kuwait has achieved a lot during his reign. One of the victories and we ask Almighty God to forgive him and his memory will last forever. We ask Almighty God to make the people more successful under the leadership of Highness Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad.

Attend the event

Sheikh Yusuf Al-Abdullah, Director, Ports Corporation, Abdul-Mohsen Al-Zaid, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Protocol Affairs, Dr. Saleh Al Kharausi, Ambassador of Bahrain Salah Al-Malki, Representative of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in the State Nawaf Bin Saif, Charge de Affairs of the Emirate Embassy, ​​Deputy Qatari Ambassador to the Nation Muhammad Al-Muthair, Poet Khalid Al-Muhim.


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