Highly Chances of partial ban before national holidays

Partial ban before national holidays in kuwait
Partial ban before national holidays in kuwait. Image [email protected]

High-ranking government sources confirmed that there are concerns among the health authorities about gatherings and celebrations of national holidays, in light of the increasing number of infections and cases receiving care in intensive care, which makes the partial ban on the table before the holidays.

He explained that this decision will be on the cabinet table, after consulting the health authorities and the Economic Committee, which will meet tomorrow, Thursday. To discuss the most important steps in the coming period, or agree on a mechanism to prevent gatherings and celebrations.

The sources said: The government has decided to be patient in retreating from closing some activities; In view of the escalating global and local indicators of the spread of the Coronavirus, pointing out that if the indicators decrease, there will be a return to some activities, and with strict precautions.


The sources revealed that the meeting of the Health Conditions Committee in the Council of Ministers today, Thursday, will include “Health”, “Interior” and “Civil Aviation”, and it is expected to result in health recommendations, and after that a cabinet meeting will be held. For his part, the reporter of the Health Committee, MP Saadoun Hammad, said: The committee discussed with representatives of the Ministry of Health the reasons for taking recent closure decisions, the ministry’s measures to combat the pandemic, and the availability of vaccine batches.

Hammad added: “The government, represented by the Ministry of Health, adheres to the closure decisions, and we are committed to re-activity. Otherwise, we will submit a proposal for a law to compensate the citizens whose stores are closed.”

Source: Al-Qabas


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