Vaccination of children from 5 to 11 years Soon

Kuwait City, Sep 27: With “Pfizer” and “Biotech” close to obtaining a license to use their vaccine against “Covid 19” for the age group between 5 and 11 years, after achieving a strong immune response in the results of clinical tests, informed sources revealed that the Ministry of Health “It is preparing to start soon vaccinating this age group, which will finally resolve the decision to return to the study in presence in the second semester while continuing to maintain the low epidemiological curve and adherence to the requirements.”

The sources suggested that “the vaccination for this age group will begin within a few weeks, as soon as the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine obtains a license to use it from the United States and Europe, knowing that the vaccine will be given at a lower dose for this group than that given to adults 12 years and over.”

The sources revealed that the total of this age group, according to statistics issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information until the end of last year, exceeded 427 thousand.


She pointed out that perhaps 10 to 15 percent of the total targeted segment of this group may not want to receive the vaccine or have health barriers that may prevent vaccination, and therefore estimates of the numbers of this group that can receive the vaccine may range between 360,000. and 380 thousand.

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And Pfizer announced a few days ago that it would push for approval to give its vaccine against “Covid-19” to children from the age of five onwards, explaining that it had obtained data from clinical trials, which included 2,268 children, ranging in age from 5 to 11 years, who received a dose of Low from the vaccine, confirming strong immunity, without any safety concerns.


Age categories

  • 5 years: 61,563 (33,285 Kuwaitis and 28,278 non-Kuwaitis)
  • 6 years old: 63,221 (34,149 Kuwaitis and 29072 non-Kuwaitis)
  • 7 years old: 61225 (32,901 Kuwaiti and 28,324 non-Kuwaiti)
  • 8 years old: 61,736 (33,532 Kuwaitis and 28,204 non-Kuwaitis)
  • 9 years old: 60,748 (33,056 Kuwaitis and 27,692 non-Kuwaitis)
  • 10 years: 60,424 (33,766 Kuwaitis and 26,658 non-Kuwaitis)
  • 11 years old: 58,234 (32,740 Kuwaitis and 25,494 non-Kuwaitis)

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